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2015 McLaren P12015年式 マクラーレン P1




“ McLaren F1 の正当な後継者 ”





“McLaren P1 の歴史 ”

1993 年に発売された McLaren F1 は、当時のスーパーカーの常識を覆し、伝説となりました。このスピリッツを受け継いだモデルが McLaren P1です。

当時、新聞記者たちがMcLaren F1を語る際には、世界最速の量産モデル、時速 240.1 mph を記録した事。その2つをこぞって取り上げました。しかし、最も大きな伝説は技術的イノベーションにありました。

McLaren F1 はカーボン・ファイバー製タブをコアに据えて生産された、世界で最初のロードカーであり、この生産技術はマクラーレンが Formula 1において発明したもので、このカーボン技術は現在のマクラーレンの全モデルで根幹を成すものです。

McLaren F1では手作業で組まれた V12 エンジンが重要なコンポーネントとして
サーキット専用モデルではないにも関わらず、McLaren F1 は大きな成功を成し遂げたレーシングカーに変容し、1995年のルマン 24 時間レースで勝利しました。

McLaren P1は、ディテールに至るまでMcLaren F1 の正当な後継者となります。
注文受付開始からわずか1ヶ月で完売になり、2013年10 月よりデリバリーが開始し、世界初のハイブリッド・スーパーカーとなりました。

Chassis No.: SBM12ABE6FW000286

- McLaren Ultimate Series.
- Only 375 units produced worldwide. Official dealer car.
- Low mileage of 1000km.

“True successor of McLaren F1”

This 2015 McLaren P1 is an official dealer car and 1 of 375 produced with rare body color: metallic purple.
Black wheels and silver brake calipers are contrasting to the body color. Black and brown combination on seats. Very elegant appearance has been achieved by matching brown on the steering wheel.

Bare carbon material used inside of the car of which design was inspired by a battle-jet, will arouse any driver of this vehicle. This simple layout without any imperfection truly complements the aggressive existence of the P1.

This example has very low mileage, less than 1000km, and is in great condition since the first and last owner consigned the car to us. Manufacturer warranty comes with the purchase.

“History of P1”

It blew people’s mind away and changed their perspective of a supercar when McLaren F1 launched in 1993, and McLaren P1 was the one to won the genetic lottery by being a successor. When medias, back in the days, talked about the McLaren F1, they did not forget to mention two things: world’s fastest mass production model; 240.1 mph recorded. However, technological innovation was the main reason why this car became the biggest legend among anything.

The McLaren F1 is the world’s the first road car to be produced with a tub core made of carbon fiber and that technology, invented by McLaren for F1, became the foundation of their current models. The V12 engine that was built by hands is the most significant component of the vehicle to achieve center driver position which is their signature. Their design team dedicated themselves to reduce the body weight and their measure were to utilize gold on the engine bay for heat reflection. The McLaren F1 became so successful even though it was not a circuit mode, and won the championship at Le Man in 1995 after amazingly transformed to a racing car.

McLaren P1 is the proud successor of McLaren F1 to pieces. The model was sold out in less than a month from accepting an order. It became the world’s first hybrid supercar ever since the delivery begun in October of 2013.